Cheryl Koo

Mary Neville - Canvas Collaborations

As an abandoned adoptee, Mary Neville grew up feeling like a true "ugly duckling." Hailing from the small, rainy town of Crescent City, California, she found she had a natural bent toward all things creative. At the age of 6 she began art lessons in traditional medium. Her intense love for art expanded to a love for music, specifically classical piano. A passion for performing art developed, and she began formal dance training at University of California, Irvine where she received a BFA in dance performance along with a BA in cognitive psychology. There she became a part of the undergraduate company Etude Ensemble, and danced for teams suchas CADC, Kaba Modern, and later, the Super Galactic Beat Manipulators founded by Jabbawockee Kevin Brewer. After college Mary moved to Los Angeles and continued her exploration of visual art and animation. She was given the privilege to offer The Other Duck hand-drawn illustration for the Weapons and Canvas Collabo line. Self-expression has been the road to self-discovery for Mary, and by surrounding herself with the creative community, she? truly found her flock.