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JP San Pedro - Canvas Collaborations

John-Paul "JP" San Pedro is an LA based artist. With a degree in Graphic and Visual Design, John-Paul works as a free lance designer and commissioned artist. Still an emerging fresh talent in the art world, he is enthused to have participated in a few events with Kesspro Studios gallery where he has recently auctioned and exhibited work.

When JP is not working on his art he is an established professional Dancer and Choreographer. He recently returned from traveling the world with Janet Jackson as a principal dancer on her "Number One's World Tour". JP has also toured on the Britney Spears Circus World Tour, and worked with Christina Aguilera, Ke$ha, Miley Cyrus, to name a few.

On the dance side, JP's life is fast-paced and high energy. In opposition John-Paul appreciates the calm and meditative process of creating his artwork.

Influenced by street art, graphic design, fashion, architecture, period art, and textiles, John-Paul hopes you enjoy his work. Though many may know him for his Dance acclaim, It is with great pleasure that he shares his other creative passion with you all.

You may keep up with John-Paul's work on his website
Look for the "UP CLOSE" tab where you will be able to view artwork. Make sure to check back for updates and also sign the GUESTBOOK when you stop in.