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Chona Bernardo - Canvas Collaborations

Chona is a Long Beach native since 1983. She received a B.S. in Biology from Cal State University of Long Beach. After her first career out of college, she decided to take a drawing class at Glendale Community College in 2009. That's where she newly discovered her talent in art. When she started taking painting and ceramic classes, it pushed her to redirect her career towards the arts.

When Chona was offered to do a collab for The Other Duck, she was nervous, yet excited for the new challenge. It was her first live painting and pushed her out of her comfort zone. She decided to let her taste in bright colors and unique style be fully expressed. Chona loved the result of the dress and wants to do more events that allows a collab of artists to come together.

She continues to work on her craft each day to refine her style. She hopes to contribute to the L.A. art community by bringing her warm and bubbly energy on to canvas.

You may contact and check out her artwork at:

Instagram: ChonaBernardo
Etsy: FridaToka